5 casual look-backs on a very casual Friday

Oh how
this week has felt like a century but it has only been five days.
Five days of self-control, five days of self-reflection and five
days of the utmost reverence. This is what I’ve learned: 5. Dining
etiquette does not succumb to those that fast. Asking a server ““Do
you only cook in saturated fat? Does this ginger dressing contain
vinegar or cream? Does this whole-wheat past contain egg or any
artificial ingredients?” might not be such a good idea. Never fear,
I told myself before the waiter told me, if my diet is that
restrictive I should eat at home. Furthermore, as a waitress, I
became the customer I loathe. Shame on me. 4. Bring people on the
journey but the rationale has to be individual. People have offered
to cook for me. Friends have prayed for me. Colleagues have given
shouts of encouraging words. But at the end of the day, when I am
left with myself and my thoughts, I remember my self-control is for
a higher purpose, understanding and love. Friends can commit with
me but when they are unavailable I am still serving. And only he
can prevent me from feasting on my favorite foods. 3. Fried Chicken
will still exist on January 24. Just as I tithe when payroll hits
my bank account, I fast at the wake of the New Year. Chipotle,
Cherry Coke, Crème Brule and so on, will all be there when I have
completed this fast. So I carry on giving my first fruits of 2011
and shame the opportunities to deviate. 2. “No one really likes
hummus. “ The reflective words of my brainy co-worker. I gravely
tried to offer a rebuttal use my cunning wit (a.k.a. smart
mouth). Yet, the actuality is, even though it tastes satisfactory,
there are hundreds of items that would proceed it on my
non-restrictive grocery list. *Drum Roll* 1. Sharing my Story isn’t
all that bad. I do not know who I am blessing by giving my
testimony of fasting and divine expectation, but I am called to
give my story. Instead of deferring I chose to speak. Surprisingly,
it was not all that bad, in fact, my chronicle landed in favor.
Instead of “good luck with that!” I received “That’s admirable.”
Journey with me, this weekend and beyond? Who knows what is in
store. Love G-d. Love People. See you on Monday. 143. Please leave
a comment and share your story too.


About najaleigh

I was born to be a vessel to serve and I live my life accordingly.
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2 Responses to 5 casual look-backs on a very casual Friday

  1. Brainy says:

    You are correct, no one really likes hummus, if there are other options. Your reflections are honest, your conviction deep and your fast of importance for yourself – no one else can take this journey for you. Continue with grace, earnest personal growth and sharing your story for others to learn.

  2. Brainy says:

    Wait – no tags?!?!

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