My Truth Behind Food

A Moment of Clarity by Anthony Shenton

I call my apartment the boarding house. You have four very unlikely women all living together in an effort to not spend half of our income on Chicago’s sky-high living expenses. And with roommates comes excitement, friendship, breaking bread and the best of all fun!

But then there is the unpredictability of roommates. Will there be any toilet paper left? Will the trash be all over the kitchen because the dogs decided they wanted an early afternoon snack? (Did I forget to mention that we also have two midsized dogs?) Will I have a note on my door saying, “I tried to stop after one cup but it was too delicious. I will buy you another carton of peach green tea.” The most exciting one of all: Is there going to be a Tuesday night “just because” bash in the living room when I get home?

Well of course the latter was true because we like fun and with numbers comes more fun. One of the ladies, who just so happens to be a good friend, was hosting a small dinner party. She recently decided to cook dinner as often as possible as opposed to eating out. She decided these two days before I went on my Fast. Tisk.

So I sat in the kitchen for the second day in a row, (are you noticing the patterns?) smelling the aroma of drumettes surrounded by popping grease alongside hand cut potatoes sprinkled with garlic and cayenne with cherry coke. Now I am not a soda lover but there is something about a cherry coke that calms my soul.

“I’m going downstairs to pray.” These words from the wise, so imperfectly blurted out, yet so perfectly illustrating my inner disposition. I had a rough day, a rough yesterday, and now a rough night.

After all, food becomes a comforter when friends and family aren’t in the coddling mood. Food becomes an activity when boredom has run it’s toll. Food becomes a tool for fellowship with friends, family, co-workers and well…just about anyone. And for me personally, food is a primary means of expressing my love.

And so there was a moment of feeling an unrequited love. So I prayed. So I studied. So I asked for strength. So I could see a path clearer and a journey purposeful. And no sooner that I asked, in that solemn moment I received a bit of clarity and I remembered…those slow-cooker black beans would be ready in the morning…fabulous!


About najaleigh

I was born to be a vessel to serve and I live my life accordingly.
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